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You can discover personal transformation through the Kanes' exciting new technology, Instantaneous Transformation. Ariel and Shya Kane's self help seminars, books and audio tapes are powerful tools for self improvement and personal transformation. The Kanes' personal transformation approach produces a quantum shift in your ability to be productive, effective and satisfied in all areas of your life.

Ariel and Shya Kane have pioneered a revolutionary new technology which has helped thousands to effortlessly achieve their goal for self improvement and personal transformation without working on their "problems".

Guiding you to personal transformation

The Kanes are internationally acclaimed self help seminar leaders and consultants who have been offering courses and coaching since 1984. They work with individuals, couples and businesses from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. What makes their approach to self improvement unique is that it is not problem/solution oriented. The Kanes have found that the simple recognition of unexamined behavior patterns or beliefs is enough to facilitate resolution without having to "work on" them as problems.

"Ariel and Shya Kane are at the forefront in the field of self improvement and have much to offer anyone who wants a more meaningful and fulfilling life."

- Paul English, Publisher, Managing Editor
Free Spirit Magazine

Their newest book titled "How to Create a Magical Relationship", discusses the 3 simple Principles of Transformation so you can create a relationship that surpasses your dreams and discover how to recognize and bypass the pitfalls to having a happy and satisfying relationship.

How to Create a Magical Relationship - WINNER of the 2007 Nautilus Book Award.

Ariel and Shya Kane offer individual, couples and family, as well as business consultations as well as a variety of courses geared towards self improvement. Their book titled, "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work", is a #1 bestseller on

What readers are saying about: "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work, A Book About Instantaneous Transformation"

If you want true self improvement...
-Buy it!
-S. Monzel, Hamburg, Germany
I spent years searching for a self improvement system that would bring me happiness, joy, and freedom. The work was arduous and agonizing. Nothing seemed to feel right or honest. After reading "Working On Yourself, Doesn't Work" and putting into practice the Kanes' technology, I have discovered a satisfaction that is felt deep within.
-M. Ingino, A Physical Therapist
I have read many self improvement books but found this to be the best yet. It is easy to read, funny and life transforming. I highly recommend it as well as any of the Kanes' audio tapes to anyone interested in true self improvement.
-S. Donlon, Brooklyn, NY
The Kanes are really on to something. The book reads easily, not dancing around serious issues, and not getting bogged down in self help vernacular.
New York Resident Magazine
Many of the self help ideas and principles I read in "Working on Yourself Doesn't Work" are truly revolutionary. I've read many books on the subject of self improvement, but theirs is truly original. I found myself somehow feeling lighter and stronger after reading this book. I highly recommend it.
-Reader, Manchester, NH

Also available is Ariel and Shya Kane's selection of powerful audio tapes including Principles of Transformation, The Roots of Satisfaction, Completing Your Karma and Magical Relationships.

Now you can experience Ariel and Shya Kane's revolutionary self help technology, that has helped thousands discover how to live more meaningful and satisfying lives.

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